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What Parker Wore | American Summer

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Stars & stripes, red, white & blue, pinwheels and daisies. It doesn't get much more American than that! How cute is Parker in her Old Navy outfit for the 4th of July? We have a busy weekend planned with multiple festivities on different days. She's going to get a lot of use out of this outfit. Saturday is our friends' annual party and firework show at the lake, Sunday is the big festival in town and firework show and Monday is the town parade!

Our favorite Etsy bow shop just added these BIG bows and we are obsessed! I got Parker this cherry red one and a white one to go with everything. I also love the coral polka dotted bow! I'm giving away two of these big bows on The Stylish Mama page. Hop on over there to enter to win!

I'll be decked out in my red, white and blue as well. Old Navy for the win with these shorts! They are really comfortable and the perfect length. Not too short and not weirdly long! I'm not usually a shorts person as I don't like to show off my legs but I'm getting over it. I'm learning to love my body, curves and all. Plus, who wants to wear jeans on a 80 degree day?!

And then we selfied (is that a word?)...

On Me (may contain affiliate links): Velvet Heart Tee (similar) | Old Navy Shorts | Sunglasses | Shoes 

On Parker: Old Navy Tank & Skirt Set | Shoes | Swirl On Top Headband

What are you doing for the 4th of July?

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The Stylish Mama | Travel Style

Hello XO Kerry readers!  I'm Abby and I blog over at Adventure Bytes where I share my family's adventures while we are living abroad in Spain.  We have decided to make the most of our time here in Spain and we try to take day trips a few times a month as well as longer trips every few months.  I have always struggled with what to wear while traveling -- and that has only gotten harder as a mom!  But I have found a few go-to tips and items that help me stay comfortable but stylish while exploring a new country or city.

Be Comfortable
I always had a hard time figuring out what to wear when traveling while "not looking like a tourist."  However, as of late, I have come to embrace the tourist badge!  It doesn't matter where you are traveling to, you will always be a tourist -- you will always be a little out of place, so dress stylish, but be comfortable.  Most travel and touring days can be very long and you don't want to regret what you wore.  But with that said, know where you are going and what is appropriate.  My family and I recently went to Morocco and I knew it was culturally appropriate to dress more conservatively.  While I was warm, I felt much more comfortable in my longer skirt and my shoulders covered.  Another example -- when we traveled to Granada to see the Alhambra, I knew that I would be wearing my toddler throughout the day, so I specifically chose a stylish, but babywearing friendly outfit.

Plan Out Your Outfits
When traveling for a weekend or longer trips, I try to plan out my outfits before I leave -- I am a notorious over-packer and now with a little one in tow, I can't just throw in items because "I may need it!"  Space is at a premium when traveling with a toddler!  So, I bring neutral colored bottoms and pack tops that can work with most of the bottoms I brought.  If one pair of pants gets dirty from running after my toddler (or getting food thrown at me), it isn't that big of deal because my tops are able to match other things I have.

I always, always travel with at least one scarf.  It is such a perfect accessory while also being extremely functional.  It can serve as a: blanket for you or baby, nursing cover, towel, and more!  I've even used my scarf as a changing pad (and of course washed it afterwards).  I typically wear my scarf on travel days if we are taking longer trips -- airplanes and trains can get cold!  A scarf is also a great souvenir; I try to buy scarves when I am in new countries since I know I will get a lot of use out of it.

Comfortable Shoes
Lucky for us, many companies now make stylish but very comfortable shoes.  Here in Europe, it is necessary to be in comfortable shoes when exploring -- those cobble stones can tough on your feet after a long day of walking.  I try to avoid wearing traditional "running" shoes when I am traveling, but most of those companies make stylish tennis shoes that I see people wearing all the time here in Spain.  Two other brands I love are Josef Seibel and Camper.  Camper is a Spanish brand and the shoes are amazing, like walking in slippers -- I just got my first pair and now
I am hooked and want more! 

Traveling with a toddler can be stressful, but worrying about what you are going to wear shouldn't be -- don't over think it!  Enjoy your time exploring new places with your family and focus on watching your kid(s) take in all the new sights, sounds and smells.

Thank you to Kerry for allowing me to take over her space today!  Come follow along on our crazy travel adventures!


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Mommy & Me Style | Mommin' Ain't Easy

Monday, June 27, 2016

Happy Monday! Can you believe it's already the last week of June? The last few weeks have flown by and summer is here! Today I want to share a fun, casual outfit with you...

I'm late to the graphic tee party, but when I saw this Mommin' Ain't Easy tee on sale from Thread Tank I snatched it up! There are days when it rings true, like last week. Parker and I were both sick. The house was a disaster. We didn't get out of our pajamas. But you know what? We still had fun, we went outside and I made it through! We always make it through.

Do you like my cool bead necklace? I won it in a giveaway from A Monkey and His Mama and I love it! I think it adds a hip (or hippy!) vibe to my outfit. Parker really likes it as well. Madre Beads are eco-friendly, non-toxic, water and saliva-proof so I feel comfortable with her chewing and yanking on it!  

 I kept Parker's outfit simple because I like her fringe shoes to be the spotlight! I love them. She's actually had this skirt for a long time. It's a 6-9 month but I'm finding that her old stuff is fitting her again because she's slimming out. Boy do I miss those rolls though!

On Me (may contain affiliate links): Thread Tank Tee | Liverpool Jeans | Madre Beads Necklace | Francesca's Shoes | Timi & Leslie Diaper Bag c/o | Similar Sunglasses

On Parker: Old Navy Tee | Similar Skirt | Shoes | Little Poppy Co Headband
Photography by Photos by SW

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Week in Pictures

Friday, June 24, 2016

The last week has been a blur of runny noses, sinus headaches and tiredness! I came down with a nasty cold, turned sinus infection last Thursday and Parker got it on Saturday. Moms don't get sick days and toddlers don't let a little cold get them down! So, here's our week in pictures!

Got dressed in new LuLaRoe and headed to a graduation party.  

Putzin' around the farm with daddy on Father's Day

Parker picked these wild daisies for me. Such a sweetheart.

Snot nose and water fun!

Parker's "I didn't do anything wrong" face

CHEESE! (and a snotty nose! I swear I wiped it)

Kitchen helper.

Feeling better and eating bean dip!

Sink baths are the best.

She always wants to wear my glasses.

Early in the week, trying to bribe her to eat and stay hydrated with a granola bar and fudgesicle!

Here's to better health and a restful weekend! See you all next week. 

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The Stylish Mama | The Importance of Dressing Up With Your Daughter

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hello my name is Codi Lynn, founder of Creative Wife and Joyful Worker, and I am the momma of two, one boy and one girl (plus one on the way), I am excited to share the joy that I have found in an everyday activity just by putting a little more effort into it and making it more of an activity then a repeat taste. For more about me and who I am feel free to check out my blog and Instagram. I really hope you enjoy this guest post. XO

In my group of friends I am not the one known to get dressed up and wear makeup everyday, I actually have to really make an effort to do so. Since becoming a mom it hasn't gotten easier taking the time to do so either, but I do notice a difference in the days where I do make the extra effort.

I don't know about you, but even just a layer of foundation and mascara can make all the difference in my attitude for the day. Feeling good and confident in yourself is noticed by others, and most importantly it is noticed by your little ones. I want to share why I feel it is important to take the time (doesn't have to be every day) to take those extra extra minutes to get a little more dressed up and include your daughter/s in the process.

5 Reasons Getting Dressed Up With Your Daughters is Important

1. Additional Attention // I don't know about your kids but my daughter loves chap stick (aka "chap chap"), when she sees me doing my makeup it is one of the first things that she asks for every time. I can see how much she loves feeling responsible and dressed up when I hand her over the stick. Giving her the attention while she applies the chap stick and complimenting her on it afterwards always puts a huge smile on her face. Being a part of the getting ready process with mom gives her that  boost of girly attention.

2. Confidence // When my daily self confidence is high I see a difference around those that I spend my day with. The way that you feel about yourself is received by your children and showing them your confidence will be a huge bonus when it comes to how they feel about themselves.

3. Memories // When you make the effort to do something a little bit different then normal in the everyday it is something that they will not forget. I always love putting together matching outfits or something a little more dressed up then the usual and seeing how excited she gets, or even the compliments that come throughout the day on how our twinning is too cute. Let's be honest, we can't do this forever so why not take advantage of it while we can.

4. Unique Personality // As your daughter gets older you can ask for more of their input and having them choose the outfit, this will allow them to be creative and share their own personality through style. Who knows what they might dress you in and you might not feel as confident if you go this route but you will for sure be adding to the memories and extra love and attention portions.

5. Love and Laughter // There is no doubt that if you are taking the time out of the day to spend it playing a little dress up with your daughter/s that there won't be so much love received and laughter passed back and forth. Set time aside for this and see your hearts be filled through a simple act that we do every day just by making it a little bit more special.

When you are done don't forget to snap a few photos (especially if your daughter is doing the styling)! Have fun with the everyday activities Momma's and share the difference that it makes with the ones you love.

XO Codi Lynn (Creative Wife & Joyful Worker)

The photos used for this post were photographed by Erica Miller Photography. My daughter and I were invited to get dressed up for a Mother Daughter session and we had so much fun spending the day together. These photos inspired this post as they share the joy and love that we felt for each other on this day of getting a little extra dressed up. 

Credits // Hair: Mauve Hair Design | Styling & Kids Tee: Darling + Bandit | Woman's Apparel/Accessories avaliable at: Bella and Wren | Kid's Shoes: Native Shoes

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