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Friday, May 27, 2016

Happy Friday and Memorial Day weekend! We are currently out in the wilderness for a few days camping. Hopefully not getting soaked! It seems like every year it rains Memorial Day weekend and then gets sunny when we are packing up camp on Monday. Thanks a lot Mother Nature! Anywho, here's a few things I'm loving this week...

1. I found out there's a LuLaRoe stylist very close to me! I went by her house and got to see what LuLaRoe is all about. I also picked up my first Randy tee!

2. This kid. She had her 15 month checkup this week and did amazing. She got the MMR shot and only cried for a few seconds. Hopefully I'll get around to posting a full 15 month update next week!

3. My new Kissemoji hair straightener! This thing is just as good as the last really expensive straightener I had. Plus my hair doesn't have to be completely dry to use! Right now you can get $10 off with code KISSMEME

4. The Stylish Mama Facebook group got a facelift thanks to my friend Kristen! If you need any design work check her out. You can find her blog and design info HERE.

5. And in case you missed any of this week's post you can find them here:

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I hope you all have a fabulous long weekend! Hopefully I have cell service and will be posting pics of our camping adventure over on Instagram

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The Stylish Mama | Bump Style with Non-Maternity Clothing

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Happy Wednesday friends! Jennifer from Baking Baby Brown is my guest today for The Stylish Mama. She has a sweet little girl and is expecting a boy in a couple months! She is one of the best dressed preggers that I know. If you are pregnant or planning on being pregnant soon, her tips will come in very handy!
I’ve been very petite all my life. It’s something I’ve learned to adapt to and the biggest struggle was dressing my age and my body type. When you’re a size 00, clothes manufacturers seem to think you are also 8ft tall. I’ve also noticed over the years the average size keeps going up so they make all sizes a little bigger essentially pushing you out of anything that used to fit. I adjusted by shopping in the children’s department for bottoms while still managing size XS in adults. I searched for brands of children clothes that fit like adult clothes and I found that they also fit my 5ft stature perfectly without any altering. The tricky part came when I got pregnant with my first child. Even while bearing a huge bump I was still too petite for most Maternity Clothing and if a store did offer petite sizes it cost an arm and a leg. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on “special” maternity clothes that I would only wear for a short time, so I took matters into my own hands. I found ways around maternity clothes and created a bump style of my own out of non-maternity clothing. This isn’t limited to us Petite Polly’s either, anyone can use these styling tips to get wear out of regular clothing all while sporting a major bump.

1. Size Up
At some point your waist will grow a little bit, mine just happened to not grow enough to fit maternity clothing, so I learned this trick when I decided to try on some regular shorts in the next size up. Not only could I still button them, but they fit like any of my trusty pre-pregnancy shorts. My brand of choice is Abercrombie because they offer a low-rise waistline. It tends to sit perfectly under my bump without being too restricting for my waist and the baby. I also enjoy their stretchy denim skinnies for a pant option. Stretchy is always forgiving, especially when you are packing on those LBs.

2. Boyfriend Tees 
While I am a fan of stealing my husband’s tees during pregnancy, that’s not what I meant by boyfriend tees. A boyfriend tee tends to be a slouchy fit tee which is perfect for accommodating a bump without stretching out your shirt. Old Navy offers the cutest boyfriend tees in the prettiest shades which are perfect for pairing with your shorts and skinnies you just sized up in. While it’s a staple in any wardrobe, it allows you to keep that classic jeans and tee look in rotation with a bump.

Boyfriend Tee // Denim Shorts (Similar) // Flats

3. Stick to Stretchy
I love a woman who showcases her bump. It was something I always wanted to do when I got pregnant, because pregnancy is a beautiful thing! I found these basic mini dresses at Forever 21 during my first pregnancy and I’m pretty sure I bought every color and print they had. They are the perfect no fuss, no effort, yet chic looking outfit. I also sized up in this to accommodate for a growing belly. I often add a kimono or my favorite collared shirts and tie just above my bump to add a pop of color or flare. This is my go to outfit because it is so stretchy and comfortable. The best part about these dresses is at under $10 you can afford to buy every color because they don’t break the bank.

Dress // Chambray Shirt (Similar) // Sandals (Similar)
4. Loosey Goosey 
That was probably a terrible lead in, but it was the first thing that came to mind. Allow me to explain. Dresses that don’t hug your figure will be your best friend, especially when it comes to purchasing non-maternity clothing that is bump friendly. I found this little gem at Target and its loose enough to keep wearing from the beginning of your pregnancy until the end. I’m smuggling an 8 month bump under it and I still have room to grow. Purchases like this are also great for your postpartum days because let’s face it, the last thing you are trying to wear after just pushing a baby out of your body is anything that clings to your tummy.

Dress (Similar Style)

These are my most favorite non-maternity clothing looks because they all work well during your postpartum days while still being trendy. This was also important to me because I love fashion and in pregnancy and traditional maternity clothes we tend to lose ourselves which makes postpartum fashion tough. These looks say I may have just had a baby, but I’m rocking some fierce #MamaStyle.

Thank you so much for reading along, and I hope you find these tips useful! A big thank you to Kerry for sharing her little corner of the internet with me so I could share them with you all.

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My {Updated} Skincare Routine with Beautycounter

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I've had the same skincare routine for years - drug store cleanser/moisturizer and well known brands of makeup that I purchase from Sephora. Since becoming a mother, I've been more concerned with what foods I put in my body and what household products I use. I only buy all-natural, plant based products for Parker. It was only natural that I start to worry about the chemicals found in my beauty products. If you haven't yet, watch The Human Experiment on Netflix. Eye opening!

It's crazy the amount of chemicals that can be found in beauty products; including BPA, parabens, and propylene glycol. I won't scare you by listing all the bad things these can cause but instead I want to tell you about Beautycounter. Beautycounter bans the use of 1500+ chemicals in their products! Amazing. I don't know about you but I don't want BHA, BHT, SLS, SLES or any of the many other chemical acronyms that close to my eyes and mouth. 

I've been using Beautycounter products for a couple weeks now and I'm hooked! They offer a wide variety of products from cleansers, moisturizers and makeup to shaving and baby care items. All are toxin and chemical free. I started out with the basics: cleanser, moisturizer, mascara and foundation.

To be completely honest, most days I don't have the time or energy for a full face of makeup. Beautycounter's Tint Skin Foundation (my shade is Linen) and Lengthening Mascara is all I wear. The foundation provides a nice light coverage while the mascara elongates and defines my lashes. One coat of this mascara is all I need. It's also clump and flake free and has organic oils and shea to condition lashes!  

I love how fresh and clean my face feels. I'm so glad I found out about Beautycounter products. I feel a lot better knowing that there are companies out there looking out for women's health and well being. I hope by the time Parker starts wearing makeup more companies follow in the footsteps of Beautycounter.

 This fall Beautycounter is going to be hitting the shelves at Target for a limited time! Don't wait until then to make the switch though. If you want to sample Beautycounter's products let me know!  

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Mommy & Me Style | Black, White & Chambray

Monday, May 23, 2016

This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase through my link, I will make a small commission for it. This doesn't cost you anything additional. These commissions help to keep the rest of my content free, so thank you!  

Chambray and black is a classic pairing. They go together like PB&J. Every year, I count down the days until spring so I can break out my maxi skirts. I haven't figured out how to style a maxi for the winter months yet so mine get pushed to the back of the closet until the first warm day!

I don't normally like to show my arms, like at all! But it's been unseasonably warm around here so I've been wearing a lot of tank tops. Like this cute, chambray top from Old Navy. Old Navy has had the best tops this season! I picked this one up when they had BOGO a few weeks ago. I love how both of our tops have the pintuck detail. I wore this exact outfit with my denim jacket on our flight to Vegas. It's so comfortable.

Parker's outfit is part thrifted, part sale and part giveaway winnings! I won these awesome rose gold Freshly Picked moccasins from A Monkey and His Mama blog. Parker pretty much wears them daily. I love how they add a little bit of sparkle to her outfits.

I found this Carter's chambray top at the Just Between Friends consignment sale for a couple dollars and her leggings are a Target sale find! Who says looking adorable has to be expensive?

Special thanks to Sarah of Photos by SW for taking these pictures.

On Me: Old Navy Tank | Old Navy Maxi | American Eagle Flip Flops | Old Navy Sunglasses
On Parker: Carter's Top (similar) | Circo Leggings (similar) | Freshly Picked Moccasins | Little Poppy Co Bow 

Shop The Look:

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Bookroo | Making Reading Fun

Friday, May 20, 2016

One of my favorite daily activities is reading with Parker. I started reading books to her really early on and now it's one of her favorite things as well! She always has a book with her in the car and we usually read first thing in the morning and right before bed.

I let her pick out what books she wants to read so it's really important to have a variety. Her current favorites are board books with big, bright pictures she can point at while I read.

I was recently introduced to Bookroo, a monthly book subscription box for kids. They have two options to chose from: 3 board books or 2 picture books. Parker received 3 board books. They came in the cutest packaging! Each book was individually wrapped and there was a handwritten note inside the box. Parker had so much fun opening each book. It was like her birthday all over again!

The 3 books Parker received are so fun! Perfect for her age and titles I've never seen before. Bookroo makes it a point to look for hidden gem books not classics. If you happen to get a title you already have all you have to do is take a picture of you giving the book to someone else and they'll give you a $5 credit for your next box. How cool is that? 
It's safe to say that Parker loves this box almost as much as I love my Stitch Fix box. I'll be signing her up for monthly boxes! You can chose 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscriptions. 
Right now Bookroo is offering your third box free when you sign up for any multi-month subscription! Just use code XOKERRY.
I look forward to adding more fun books to our collection!

"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents."
- Emilie Buchwald   

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